My experience with Dr. Niksarli and his staff has been simply amazing. All of my questions were answered prior to the procedure. The day of my surgery I felt at ease and I experienced no pain at all throughout the procedure. The best part was that the very next morning, my vision was perfect! For the first time in years, I could see without having to use contact lenses.

Dr. Niksarli and his team were exceptional from the first consultation to my last follow-up appointment. They continue to take excellent care of me. Thank you!!

I just had the Lasik procedure done at Manhattan Lasik Center ®. The center specializes in courtesy and professionalism. The staff was helpful and knowledgeable. The actual procedure was short and virtually painless. I would recommend Dr. Niksarli and his staff to anyone looking to improve their eyesight.

Totally professional outfit. From beginning to end their delivery was amazing and since what counts most are results, well I have 20/20 now and I haven’t had that in 15 years! These guys are the best in this field, not only does their experience shine through with their attention to detail and care they give the moment you arrive, but during the actual procedure the doctors’ reassuring words kept me at ease to say the least. I would give 110% trust to Dr. Niksarli and his team!

Dr. Niksarli has the latest technology in New York City and he used the blade-less Intralase Laser on my eyes. I was able to drive the next morning and the procedure itself took only 15 minutes. I highly recommend Dr. Niksarli to anyone who is considering Lasik!

I had my Lasik at Manhattan Lasik Center ® a month ago. My younger brother had his eyes corrected two years ago by Dr. Niksarli. Dr. Niksarli is an awesome surgeon and is a really nice guy. He has the best technology in New York. I came from New Jersey for my Lasik. Worth the trip! Now I’ve got 20/15 vision, better than 20/20! The best money I’ve ever spent, my friend will be here next week for his Lasik.

Once I met Dr. Niksarli I became very comfortable with him and the procedure. It’s now been six years and during a recent check-up my vision was confirmed to be 20/15 which is outstanding! I recommended Manhattan Lasik Center ® to my family and friends as this has been the best thing I have done for myself.

I went in for a consultation and ended up having the surgery performed the same day. Dr. Niksarli had top-notch credentials, the price was fair and the service was wonderful. I would recommend the Manhattan Lasik Center ® service to my friends and colleagues.