LASIK Vision Correction

LASIK eye surgery is a sophisticated procedure that uses a cool beam of light from an excimer laser to reshape the outermost part of the eye (cornea), thereby altering the angle at which light enters the retina and correcting a range of visual impairments.

Dr. Niksarli, a leading New York City eye surgeon and medical director of Manhattan LASIK Center ®, is widely recognized for his ability to consistently achieve outstanding vision correction results for his NYC LASIK surgery patients.

LASIK Eye Surgery at Manhattan LASIK Center ®
To perform LASIK eye surgery, Dr. Niksarli first obtains a map of the patient’s unique refractive errors, which is accomplished with leading-edge diagnostic equipment. Next, he creates the corneal flap (a microscopic layer of the cornea), which is then folded back to expose the underlying corneal tissue. Using the excimer laser, Dr. Niksarli carefully reshapes the inner cornea and replaces the corneal flap. LASIK eye surgery is performed under numbing eye drops without the use of needles or stitches.

By combining his years of experience, unsurpassed surgical skills and leading-edge laser technologies with eye mapping and eye tracking systems, Dr. Niksarli can successfully correct the following refractive errors: