Why Relex SMILE is Better for Patients with Dry Eyes

You may or may not know about a new laser vision correction procedure, the Relex SMILE treatment. This vision correction treatment accesses the cornea in a much area than Lasik eye surgery.

Relex SMILE allows specialists to avoid most of the nerves in the eye

Using a smaller area to get under the top layer of the cornea helps your Lasik expert avoid nerve bundles that run just under the surface of the eye. These tissues control pain and send communication about things you see back and forth to the brain. Preserving much of the nerve bed reduces irritation and speeds up healing time.

The Relex SMILE procedure offers the same results as Lasik

Research shows that this treatment offers significant improvement in dry eye symptoms. Patients that have no issues before the operation tend to see fewer instances of moisture problems after the procedure. People who have dry eye syndrome often report an improvement in symptoms once healing is complete.

Why you can trust MLC?

During Relex SMILE, you may find that you see almost immediate improvement in sight. Manhattan Lasik Center is your top provider of Relex SMILE in New York and New Jersey giving residents access to high-quality vision correction. Since few surgeons have the technology and the skills to perform SMILE, only a few centers across the U.S. offer this new treatment. At MLC, we have the most advanced femtosecond laser available giving patients highly accurate results.

Come and see why Manhattan Lasik is the #1 provider of Relex SMILE. Our environmentally controlled surgical rooms house five of the top laser technologies on the market. Feel free to call us for a free consultation at 212-759-9617. Finding better ways to give our patients clear vision is our top priority.