Why Can’t Everyone Undergo Lasik: Conditions

Are you considering Lasik eye surgery? Have you heard that some people are not good candidates for the procedure even though it is safe, fast healing, and convenient? We help you discover what qualifies a person for Lasik to help you understand who can have the procedure.

Necessary qualifications to have Lasik eye surgery

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Stable eye prescription for at least a year
  • Not pregnant
  • In good health
  • Take few or no medications
  • Fit into the refractive error range for correction
  • Have good eye health – no severe dry eye or eye diseases like glaucoma

Other factors that affect whether or not you can have Lasik

The basic qualifications are easy to assess, but a few things may rule out Lasik for you. People with thin corneas or abnormal pupils may not be good candidates for Lasik surgery. Individuals with high prescriptions who think that Lasik is the answer to perfect vision may not have a good handle on the expectations of the procedure. Anyone that is not sure about the process, has poor health, or problems with dry eyes, might be better candidates for another laser correction process like PRK or the Relex SMILE option.

Only a trained Lasik specialist can inspect the eyes and take measurements that determine the candidacy of the patient. To find out if you are a possible candidate for Lasik, check out the Manhattan Lasik Center self-test. While you still need a free consultation to find out if you qualify for Lasik eye surgery, this quiz can help you decide if you have the basic requirements. You can also read blog posts about the procedure, what to expect, how to prepare, and other options like financing assistance on the MLC website.