Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? Do you live in or work near NJ or NYC? Your bad eyes might put you at risk of certain health issues. Manhattan LASIK Center has four accessible locations to help you see if you are a candidate for 20/20 vision.

Health problems associated with bad vision

  • Higher fall risk
  • Death – less activity leads to sedentary lifestyles, people who cannot see do less for themselves
  • Glaucoma increases the chance of having an accident while driving or working
  • Problems seeing can be an indicator of a more serious health issue
  • Anxiety over an inability to see clearly can raise blood pressure and increase heart attack and stroke risk

How 2020 vision is possible

With major advancements in technologies, LASIK surgeons can get in-depth maps of each eye. Precise equipment tracks eye movement keeping the laser ahead of the action for seamless procedures. Bladeless technologies offer faster healing times and have less discomfort.

Eye correction procedures

Advantages of using MLC

Our team of providers has more than 20 years of experience helping people in Edison, Hackensack, Paramus, NJ, and NYC areas see better. Our experience lets us select the best procedure for each client. Technologically advanced equipment provides extremely precise measurements letting us determine the best procedure to offer you the highest chance of 2020 vision or near-perfect clarity.

Let MLC help you avoid broken bones from falls and reduce anxiety. We offer free consultations at any of our four locations. Call us at 212-759-9617 if you have questions.