Whats Does Lasik Cost With Insurance?

Most insurance companies do not pay for Lasik eye surgery. They will, however, provide members with discounts or access to savings plans. At Manhattan Lasik Center, we work to get you as many ways to pay for Lasik surgery as we can.

Health insurance firms we work with to provide substantial member discounts

• Aetna
• United Health Care
• Emblem Health
• Guardian
• Health Net
• Cigna
• CareConnect
• Afflack
• Affinity Health Plan
• Metlife
• Medicaid
• Humana
• Atlantis Health

We also work with vision plans like Davis Vision, Vision Perfect, VSP, and Humana Vision.

We will work to get you a discount with your insurance provider

There are more companies that we work with not on the list. For more information, you can check our website to see a full list, and you can always call us at 212-759-9617. We will go to bat for you explaining how Lasik surgery is one of the safest cosmetic procedures available. We will inform them of the benefits of Lasik including improved self-esteem, significant lifetime savings, fewer allergy symptoms and headaches, and many fewer emergency visits for infections and such. If you live near New Jersey or New York City, your business may have discount programs open as well.

Manhattan Lasik Center is dedicated to offering high-quality Lasik surgery at low rates so that it is an affordable procedure for everyone. The goal is to only perform Lasik eye surgery on someone who is a good candidate. Our surgeons have more than 20 years of experience to guide patients to make the right decision about Lasik surgery. We want to improve the life of Paramus and Edison, NJ as well as Roslyn and Manhattan, New York, residents for more freedom, fun, and spontaneity.