What is the Relex SMILE Procedure’s Success Rate?

The National Institute of Health tells us that the Relex SMILE procedure is becoming a widely accepted treatment for myopia or nearsightedness. Short-term studies on the treatment provide hope that Relex SMILE will quickly replace Lasik and other laser vision corrections because it is much less invasive than Lasik even.

The Relex SMILE procedure keeps more of the cornea intact

During your treatment, you may like that the specialist will only use an incision about two to four millimeters wide to access the tissue for the laser. Your eye discomfort may be much better with Relex SMILE. Important nerve layers remain intact in the Relex SMILE procedure versus Lasik which uses a 20-millimeter access point.

Success rates remain high for patients with mild to moderate myopia

The NIH says that patient groups that underwent the Relex SMILE procedure with mild or moderate prescription errors had more than a 96 percent success rate of 20/20 sight. In the same study, a group of people with high levels of nearsightedness found that more than 78 percent of the patients reached perfect vision. Since there are no flaps in Relex SMILE like in Lasik surgery, there are no flap complications greatly reducing any chance of issues following the procedure.

Why choose Manhattan Lasik Center for the Relex SMILE procedure?

Our center is one of the few sites in the entire country that offers Relex SMILE. We have the most advanced femtosecond laser used in this treatment on-site along with four other top laser technologies. Our surgeons have more than 20 years of experience helping patients in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and NJ see better.

MLC uses the best equipment on the market. Find out if the Relex SMILE treatment is an option for you. Some people that cannot have Lasik can have SMILE.