What is ORBSCAN 2?

When you think of Lasik eye surgery, you expect that you will get the results you want to get rid of glasses and contacts, right? You also want the surgeon to have the experience, skills, and technology to give you the most accurate procedure possible. At Manhattan Lasik Center, we have the five most revolutionary lasers in the Lasik industry to help us provide highly accurate results.

What is the ORBSCAN 2?

The ORBSCAN 2 is a computer that measures and graphs the contours of the eye to give the surgeon a three-dimensional look at your cornea. The measurements allow our veteran surgeons to predict the eyesight we can give you with our Custom Lasik treatments. It also helps prevent problems with patients who have thin corneas or other eye contour issues.

The technology behind the machine

The Orbscan 2 gives surgeons more than 9,000 points to provide a highly accurate map of the surface of the eye.  The computer measures the thickness of the cornea and the symmetry of your pupils giving our surgeons definitive proof whether a patient is a good candidate for Lasik or not. The results can also help our 20-year professionals decide the best procedure to offer you for your situation and eye health. This eye-mapping technology helps our surgeons at Manhattan Lasik Center find out who is a candidate for Lasik and the results they can expect to get from bladeless Lasik procedures.

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