What is CustomVue LASIK?

Lasik is all the same, right? Wrong! Lasik eye surgery has many variations. For instance, regular Lasik works to give you the same vision as glasses or contacts, where CustomVue Lasik maps the entire surface of the cornea and gives the surgeon the measurements that he or she can use to provide results that they tailor specifically for your eyes.

CustomVue Lasik is quick and painless

This Lasik procedure offers a more in-depth look at the eye, but the surgical times are the same as traditional Lasik. You can expect to sit in the operating chair for about five to fifteen minutes for each eye. There is no pain with CustomVue just like there is nothing but the pressure in conventional Lasik surgery. The only difference is the degree of accuracy that an expert can provide with the CustomVue technology. He or she can predict the results you will get with this cutting-edge technology.

Envisioning the options for your future

To fully understand how much difference the CustomVue Lasik technology provides, you can look at shoe sizes to compare. Imagine, you go to a retail outlet and try on shoes. The shoes all come in standard sizes like eight, nine, and ten. You may even come across an eight and a half or seven and a half. Lasik has similar results, but CustomVue offers additional options like a nine and a quarter or a seven and three/fifths measurement for the surgeon to use to get as close to perfect as possible during your Lasik procedure.

Our experts at Manhattan Lasik Center use the five most revolutionary Lasik lasers in the industry to give you the most precise results. We pride ourselves on being a world-renowned leader in the region. For a free consultation to see how perfect we can get your vision, give us a call at 212-759-9617.