Wearing Colored Contacts After Lasik

Are you the person that wears eccentric fashions or uses fun things like colored contacts to create your style? Colored contacts are a popular fashion statement.

Yes, you can wear colored contacts after Lasik

There is no reason that you cannot dress up or get a particular look after you have Lasik. The main thing is to make sure you are fully healed before using contacts after Lasik. One thing to remember is to choose a quality product to minimize eye discomfort. You should opt to give your eyes frequent breaks if you have any problems.

Why you should talk to your eye surgeon about contacts after Lasik

While wearing contacts is not a problem after your Lasik surgery, it may be harder to get the right fit and visual acuity that you want than before Lasik. An expert can help you find the best fit. Changing the cornea during Lasik means that the shape of your eyes are a little different, and contact lenses can feel different. Some brands or thicknesses may work better for your eyes than others. Only you and your Lasik specialist can make the right choice for your eye health and prescription.

Contact lens tips

  • Never wear contacts while sleeping to let the eyes breathe
  • Always clean contacts immediately after removing
  • Store lenses in appropriate containers
  • Do not use contacts past the expiration date
  • Refrain from use when eyes are red, infected, irritated, or sore

Colored contacts after Lasik is general fine when you are careful to protect your eyes. To find out answers to more questions about contacts after Lasik, please call one of our friendly staff members at 212-759-9617.