Watching TV After Lasik

Your Lasik eye surgery appointment is coming up. How much time have you spent thinking about what you will do the first few days after your procedure? We have some tips that will help you plan your immediate recovery period.

No screen use for the fist 24-hours following Lasik surgery

Our expert Lasik surgery specialists want you to have the best recovery after your procedure, so that is why we recommend that you use no screens or read for the first day. Try catching up on your lost sleep, spending some time with crafting and little ones, or go for a light walk around the yard to get rid of those antsy times. The longer you wait to use technology, the faster your eyes will heal.

Lasik eye surgery tips for better recovery

Dry eyes are a common problem for Lasik surgery users. By refraining from using televisions, phones, and computers for the first day, you let your eyes build up natural tears to help aid healing. Practice using your eye drops as expected to improve your recovery time and comfort further. Drink plenty of water, rest your eyes often, be sure to blink, get eight hours of sleep, and stay away from any dirt or liquid that can get in the eyes. You will get back to your normal routine like working and driving as soon as you are cleared at your one day check. The rest will come faster than you realize.

Having Lasik eye surgery is no different from planning for a new baby or adding a parent to the home. It takes some time, research, and care to get it right. Our Lasik surgery experts are more than happy to help you find out what else we can do to make your procedure smooth. Call 212-759-9617.