Truths About Lasik People Do Not Know

You may know that Lasik is safe and convenient, but what else do you know about the procedure? We give you the facts so that you can decide whether this treatment is something you want to explore.

Lasik fact number one

Since Lasik eye surgery came out in the late 1990’s, the success rate has climbed from 60 to 96 percent.

Fact two – More safety

Lasik is healthier and safer for your eyes. You have fewer eye infections. Contacts change the shape of your eye. Before your first visit to a Lasik Center, you should stop using contacts for a week or more.

Lasik eye surgery is cheaper than a lifetime of glasses and contacts

You will save yourself money in the long-run if you choose Lasik over years of replacement lenses, eye exams, designer frames, and cleaning solutions.

Fact four – More freedom

With Lasik eye surgery, you can see better and faster when you wake in the mornings. You never have to fumble for glasses or contacts to see the clock.

Lasik eye surgery fact five – better night sight

Some patients report an ability when driving at night to see clearer following Lasik.

Fact six – Lasik cures astigmatism

Lasik is an excellent option for people with varying degrees of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

Lasik fact seven – Surgery is fast and painless

Numbing drops keep you from feeling anything but pressure during your treatment. Most procedures take about five to ten minutes per eye.

Manhattan Lasik Center wants you to know that Lasik is a safe and effective procedure. You can save yourself thousands of dollars over your lifetime with Lasik eye surgery from our Ivy League trained experts. Find out why MLC is the leading provider of Lasik eye surgery in areas like Paramus and Edison.