The Right Lasik Aftercare

So, you did it. You had your Lasik consultation. You scheduled your surgery, but now what? What happens after you get the treatment? How soon can you drive? When can you go back to work? Maybe you wanted to ask all these questions but forgot them as soon as the physician asked if you any concerns. Do not worry. Many patients go blank when the doctor asks if there are any questions. We help you understand what to expect after Lasik eye surgery at Manhattan Lasik Clinic.

Common Lasik aftercare requirements

While you may see much clearer within minutes, you will still want to go home and nap as much as possible for the next 24-hours following Lasik. You should avoid using computers, phones, and watching television during this time. Instead, chat with friends or family members when you are awake being sure to avoid rubbing the eyes. Your Lasik aftercare will include several sets of eye drops, many times a day at first. For the next several months, you will use drops to keep the eyes moist and free of bacteria. The day after Lasik, you will have a follow-up appointment that lets your surgeon see if you are ready to drive. More follow-ups occur at the three, six, and twelve-month mark.

Lasik surgery aftercare tips

  • Follow all instructions from your surgeon
  • Use eye drops on time
  • Refrain from scratching or rubbing the eyes
  • Go back to activities as the surgeon advises
  • Keep all Lasik surgery aftercare appointments

Optical surgery is a commitment to improving your eye health and vision. There are Lasik surgery aftercare requirements that go with the procedure to ensure the best results. MLC can help you understand what happens after Lasik should you have any other questions. Giving you clarity is our goal for each patient.