Relex SMILE Versus Lasik Surgery

When you hear the words Relex SMILE and Lasik are you a bit confused? Do you wonder what the difference is and which one is better in your case? We go over the pros and cons of Relex SMILE versus Lasik to help you make an informed laser vision choice.

Relex SMILE versus Lasik at a glance

Relex SMILE and Lasik both use lasers to fix vision issues. Both procedures cost about the same, but Relex is a little more expensive. You will find that Lasik traditionally costs between $1500 and $3,000 per eye depending on where you have the procedure performed. Both methods have a period of dry eye syndrome and irritation during the first 24 hours following surgery. Fast surgical times and even quicker recovery periods are advantages of each option.

Relex SMILE and Lasik – the details

Relex SMILE is much less invasive than Lasik. Lasik uses the excimer laser AND a femtosecond laser where Relex SMILE uses the ReLex laser. Relex SMILE is much newer, so there is not as much data, research, and reporting. There are no risks of flap complications with Relex SMILE because there are no flaps, just a small 20 mm incision.

Healing time is much quicker with Relex SMILE since there are no flaps and patients can get back to rigorous exercise, swimming, and hot tub use much faster than Lasik. The Relex SMILE procedure is only for nearsightedness currently, but there are options for farsighted and astigmatism sufferers in the works.

To find out more information about either procedure or options for Relex SMILE and Lasik, you can visit our site and read some of our blog posts. We can help you choose whether Relex SMILE, Lasik or another laser correction is right for you.