Relex SMILE Procedure Benefits

You may or may not know about the newest laser vision correction available in top clinics like Manhattan Lasik Center. This revolutionary process is more suitable for people with thin corneas and those that were turned away from Lasik because his or her prescription is too high. The Relex SMILE procedure is highly advanced with results that are often better than Lasik.

What is the Relex SMILE procedure?

This treatment accesses tissue on the top of the cornea without bothering the nerves or cutting into the main structure. Instead of a flap, the laser removes a piece of tissue less than five millimeters wide to correct the curvature of the lens. The Relex SMILE procedure leaves more of the cornea intact making it much easier for patients to heal. Many people return to driving and working the day after the surgery.

Relex SMILE procedure benefits

People that have dry eyes or cannot use contact lenses are often at a high-risk for dryness after Lasik. With the Relex SMILE procedure, there are no worries because the nerves are left alone. SMILE is easier to heal from because it is less invasive than Lasik. Many patients find that the Relex SMILE procedure benefits are the same as or better than Lasik. Often, the choice comes down to the fact that SMILE has no flap. Infection risks are much lower with SMILE because the tissue is removed and not put back in place to heal.

Whether Relex SMILE is the right procedure for you is something that you will want to discuss with someone in the field. Manhattan Lasik Center is the tri-state leader of laser vision correction. We are one of the few treatment centers in the country offering this exceptional option. Our patients heal fast and could not be happier. Call us for a free consultation at 212-759-9617.