ReLex SMILE Laser Vision Correction Procedure in NJ

Did you know that Lasik surgery is not the only laser vision correction procedure that surgeons provide for patients? The newest treatment focuses on people with myopia or nearsightedness. This operation is called ReLex SMILE laser vision correction.

Differences between Lasik eye surgery and ReLex SMILE

#1 ReLex is for nearsighted patients without astigmatismLasik helps several visual issues including farsightedness

#2 ReLex eliminates flap complications associated with Lasik

#3 Smaller incision resulting in faster healing

#4 Decreased restriction times compared to Lasik eye surgery

What makes ReLex SMILE popular

Just knowing that there are no goggles or long waiting time to get back to water sports and strenuous activities is what gets people calling the office. The procedure only needs the Zeiss VisuMax femtosecond laser to create an incision smaller than four millimeters to get a small disc of tissue called a lenticule out of the eye. Removing the lenticule changes the shape of the cornea improving the way light enters nearsighted individual’s eyes. Another reason why this procedure is asked for more and more is that we are the only state-of-the-art Lasik surgery provider that offers the ReLex SMILE procedure in New York. No one else has this technology or the experts who can provide highly accurate results like Manhattan Lasik Center. We are the only and first center to perform ReLex SMILE giving our Paramus, Edison, Roslyn, and Manhattan patients access to cutting-edge treatment.

At Manhattan Lasik Center, our goal is to provide our patients with high-quality services using the most accurate equipment. Our offices have highly advanced technologies that give our patients access to bladeless procedures that are quick, painless, and fast to heal. Take a tour of one of our four centers today by calling 212-759-9617.