Relex SMILE Gets Similar Outcome as Lasik with Less Dry Eye

The newest reports are out, and Relex SMILE is a clear preference between Lasik and SMILE. This procedure is safe enough for our military members and emergency personnel giving them better vision on duty and at home.

The Relex SMILE procedure is less invasive than Lasik

Lasik requires that the surgeon create a flap of tissue that opens on a hinge to access the cornea. After Lasik, the flap goes back in place. In the Relex SMILE procedure, there is no flap. A small incision about two to four millimeters is all that the surgeon needs to perform the correction. Lasik requires a 20-millimeter incision. Relex SMILE heals much faster because the specialist disturbs fewer nerve layers and tissue during the correction.

Researchers say that Relex SMILE has the same results as modern Lasik treatments

The success rate and speedier healing show that the Relex SMILE procedure is as accurate as Lasik eye surgery. Patients report less discomfort after SMILE. They find sight improvement is nearly immediate in most cases. People working in high-impact jobs or sports use Relex SMILE to get rid of glasses and contacts. With the fast healing times, many individuals are back to normal activities faster or about as fast as Lasik.

Advanced equipment assures patients of precise results

Technological advancements in bladeless lasers improve the accuracy of all laser vision corrections. SMILE is no exception. Patients achieve perfect vision nearly 90 percent of the time with the Relex SMILE procedure. People with severe dry eye achieve better results with this treatment getting rid of symptoms for many.

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