Reading Vision Improvement with Lasik Surgery

There are many advancements in the field of Lasik eye surgery. Now, people over the age of 40 suffering from presbyopia have options when it comes to laser vision correction and Lasik surgery. Still, more techniques and tools are in research and development or patent stages.

Lasik surgery benefits

Lasik eye surgery reduces the headaches and stuffy noses you get from wearing eyeglasses all the time. Your allergies are often better because bacteria on your glasses does not sit right next to your eye for hours each day. Lasik is not painful, and you heal quickly. Many people see better the morning after their Lasik surgery. Thousands of our patients refer us to family and friends because we provided them with a caring and skilled environment. Lasik eye surgery has an excellent success rate.

Ways Lasik eye surgery helps you read better

When you have monovision Lasik surgery, the physician corrects one eye to see at a distance and the other to see things close up. The only note of caution here is that experts recommend that you try the monovision contact lenses first because not everyone likes this treatment.

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