Many patients tell us that it was so scary to have someone operate on his or her eyes, but afterward, the same people said they felt silly for being so nervous. Numerous Long Island LASIK reviews for Manhattan LASIK Center start out this same way. LASIK is a painless procedure because we use numbing drops to make sure that you feel nothing but some pressure. Several things bring patients from around the world to our Long Island location.

Things we hear in our Long Island LASIK reviews

  • “My experience was wonderful.”
  • “Dr. Niksarli made me feel so comfortable.”
  • “I was worried for nothing.”
  • “I began seeing better the next day.”
  • “Years later I have 20/15 vision.”
  • “I never have to worry about fumbling for my glasses again.”
  • “The procedure was painless.”
  • “I had such a great experience that my brother and mother want to have LASIK too.”
  • “My sister is the one who introduced me to Dr. Niksarli.”

Our LASIK reviews Long Island put us at the top every year

MLC patients often leave us Long Island LASIK reviews on Yelp and Google. We also have several testimonials on our site because we do everything we can to make every patient feel comfortable and happy about the opportunities clear vision offers. Our 20 plus years of experience allows us to streamline the process making it quick and efficient for all our patients.

Read some of our LASIK reviews Long Island to see how you feel about setting up a free consultation. We can help people with a -10 to +6 diopter range get perfect or near-perfect vision. What have you got to lose? Call us at 212-759-9617 to schedule a visit six days a week. Ask about our LASIK specials and inclusive pricing to find out about our payment options.



Photo by Maliha Mannan on Unsplash