Why Should You Opt for Corporate Lasik Programs?

You are probably familiar with flexible spending and health savings accounts commonly called FSA and HSA. These programs offer employees a valuable resource to make it easier to take money out of each paycheck and use it towards elective health procedures and services. Employee coverage makes Lasik surgery much more affordable for staff members.

Employee discount programs through Manhattan Lasik Center

MLC provides many savings plans for businesses in the New Jersey and New York areas. We provide services to Hoboken, Paramus, and Somerset. Our goal is to make sure that Lasik eye surgery is affordable and accessible. We use our extensive network contacts to reach out to large and small corporations, insurance providers, and the public to make connections that give everyone affordable access to high-quality Lasik surgery. We can help your business set up an employee discount plan if you need assistance.

Perks of using MLC

• Temperature and humidity controlled operating rooms
• 20 years of local service
• Five of the top lasers in the same center
• Four convenient locations
• Six days of appointments
• Inclusive price plans
• Over 100,000 successful procedures
• Relationships with major insurance providers
• Most advanced equipment
• Precise measurements
• Guaranteed results
• The only center in the Northeast providing ReLex SMILE
• Many financing options including no interest no down payment for those that qualify

Employees that live near New York and New Jersey have the chance to get Lasik eye surgery from the region’s leader at MLC. We want you to love your look and your life by being more spontaneous and free without worry of eyeglass and contact issues. Find out how our employee discount programs along with FSA and HSA plans can help save you hundreds of dollars. Call us for a free consultation and a tour today at 212-759-9617.