Nearsightedness Correction with the Relex SMILE Procedure

A procedure called Relex SMILE now has approval by the Food and Drug Administration, says NBC News. As a new option for patients that may not Lasik candidates, it offers hope for clearer vision. In some cases, it is a more suitable treatment for nearsightedness than Lasik.

What is the Relex SMILE procedure?

Relex SMILE stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. Before the procedure, you will have a free consultation where precise measurements, your health history, and medications will help the surgeon determine whether you are a candidate for the vision correction. On the day of surgery, you will relax in an environmentally controlled room where numbing drops are put in the eyes before surgery begins. You will feel nothing except maybe very slight pressure during the operation. The treatment requires the specialist to remove a small lenticule of tissue from the cornea instead of creating a flap. The laser corrects the cornea just like in Lasik and you get instructions for eye drops and go home to heal  faster than Lasik.

An interesting way to think of Relex Smile

In the NBC News article, Dr. Ronald Kruger from the Cleveland Clinic, tells the news agency that, “I often say that SMILE is like a laparoscopic LASIK because it’s making a smaller incision.” This difference is the biggest reason why patients are healing faster. Plus, there are no flap complications because no flap is used. Manhattan Lasik Center provides revolutionary vision correction surgeries in the New Jersey and New York City areas, and we now offer the Relex SMILE procedure.

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