Must Know Facts if You’re Planning for Lasik in 2018

Is Lasik surgery 2018 your New Year’s resolution? Did you know that 90 percent of Lasik patients get 20/20 vision following the procedure? Only an in-depth eye exam can tell you if you are a candidate for Lasik.

Lasik 2018 surpasses the twenty-year mark

Did you know that Lasik patients are seeing better results after two decades of improvements and technological advancements? The first procedures gave way to bladeless equipment. Now, our surgeons at Manhattan Lasik Center provide highly accurate results. We even offer a guarantee on the acuity you can achieve with bladeless Lasik surgery.

Lasik surgery 2018 is helping more patients reach 20/20 vision

Last year was a massive success for MLC. Our patients report fast healing and near immediate improvements in sight. Our goal is to help even more patients find the way to clear vision. With any surgery comes risks, but Lasik is highly effective with few complications. Most centers report less than one percent of patients experience problems.

Lasik lets you get back to work in a day

You may find that your eyesight is immediately better after your procedure, but you will still need a ride home after your treatment. The following day, your surgeon will examine your eyes and give you clearance to return to work. You can often return to driving too.

Lasik is not for everyone

Most patients can have Lasik. A select few can have irregularities, like uneven corneas, which require the use of another laser technology to get the best visual results. Our experts can help you determine which option is best for your prescription. We have five of the leading lasers on-site.

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