Most Advanced Thin Flap Bladeless Lasik in New Jersey

While Lasik is an excellent method of vision correction with little side effects, the more precise the technology, the better results we can offer our patients. We find that we can serve our patients and offer a higher likelihood of getting perfect vision with bladeless machinery. Manhattan Lasik Center uses lasers like the Zeiss Visumax that many reports that it feels like putting a soft contact in the eye.

What to expect with bladeless Lasik New Jersey?

We will ask that you lay down on the operating table so that you can relax during your bladeless treatment. Paramus and Edison residents can expect to feel a little pressure during the procedure. The surgeon will first create a flap in the side of the cornea to access the tissue where short laser pulses will adapt the curve of the eye. These bursts are cool and will use bubbles to make the flap. Your procedure will only take a few minutes per eye and after you can rest on the table until you get your aftercare instructions.

Revolutionary technologies that offer highly precise results

The Zeiss Visumax and Intralase 150 femtosecond lasers are very accurate and measure your eyes to thousands of an inch. The equipment has tracking software that makes sure any movement you make does not affect the procedure. Your surgeon uses this equipment to offer the best possible chance of perfect vision compared to bladed technologies.

Why choose MLC for your bladeless Lask NJ?

  • Two decades of local experience
  • Top ratings on Yelp and Google Maps
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Financing options
  • Highly skilled surgeons
  • Over 100,000 successful procedures
  • Find out more about bladeless Lasik at 212-759-9617. Let MLC give you the chance to get rid of glasses. Hackensack, Trenton, and Jackson residents are nearby our NJ location.