How to Minimize Lasik Recovery Time

While Lasik surgery is often an easy healing and quick surgery to recovery from, there are ways to increase your chances that you will heal as fast as possible. At Manhattan Lasik Center, we are dedicated to assisting you in getting the best possible results from your experience with Lasik eye surgery. Find out our top three ways to heal fast.

Follow aftercare instructions following Lasik surgery

Every surgeon has a list of tasks for patients to do after having their Lasik procedure. They often encourage rest for the first 24 hours to promote quick healing even though patients can typically see well within an hour or two. Using prescribed eye drops is one way to promote healing because it reduces the chance infection and inflammation.

Find a top Lasik center and choose highly educated surgeons

Having Lasik surgery with an expert who has years of experience and education from prominent universities is one way to improve your chances of healing fast following Lasik. Manhattan Lasik Center has a revolutionary surgical center with temperature and humidity controlled operating rooms. Our surgeons have as much as 20 years experience and have performed over 100,000 successful surgeries.

Lasik eye surgery is best at the end of the week

Having Lasik near the end of the week gives patients the chance to rest a little more. Going at the end of the week takes off the stress of needing extra time off work to have the procedure. It also makes it easier to get someone to drive you the first day after Lasik surgery.

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