Are You Looking for a Lasik Alternative?

Were you looking forward to having Lasik eye surgery? Did you find out that you have irregular pupils or uneven corneas? There are many options besides Lasik for you to consider like PRK, LASEK, and Epi-Lasik.

Lasik alternative shows promise for nearsightedness

A Lasik eye surgery alternative called the Relex SMILE procedure might be the solution for your situation. This vision correction treatment was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This Lasik eye surgery alternative only requires a small disc of tissue about two millimeters wide be removed from the cornea instead of the twenty or more millimeter flap made in Lasik. Patients tend to heal faster, and there are no flap complications without the creation of the flap like in Lasik. Relex SMILE patients often report much fewer dryness issues making this treatment a better option for those with dry eye syndrome.

Why choose Manhattan Lasik Center for your Lasik eye surgery alternative procedure?

Whether you live in Garden City, NY or Roslyn, NY, MLC has four convenient locations providing precise laser vision correction for patients from all over the world. We have five of the top laser technologies and more than 100,000 successful treatments in the books. Our temperature and humidity controlled rooms provide the best conditions for your vision correction. Our 20 plus years of experience lets us guide you through the process with ease. We have financial assistance including monthly payment plans through CareCredit so that you can afford Lasik on any budget. We accept HSA and FSA as well.

To take a tour of our advanced centers or to find out more about Relex SMILE, please call our office at 212-759-9617. Our precise mapping technologies and Harvard and Cornell trained experts will give you confidence in your vision correction results.