Learn More About ReLex SMILE – Next Generation Laser Eye Surgery

A new laser vision correction procedure might be just the thing for all of you that were told you were not candidates for Lasik. This inclusion does not mean that you are automatically ready. The advice and precise inspection from a Lasik specialist are required for diagnosis. 

ReLex SMILE procedure in New Jersey

There are many reasons that the ReLex Smile treatment is beneficial. The cornea that is left more intact with only a small disc removed through a two to a four-millimeter hole is much easier to heal from than the Lasik incision of 22 millimeters. The smaller cut means much faster healing and less chance of complications. 

ReLex SMILE eye surgery for New York residents

Did you know that Manhattan Lasik Center has offices in Manhattan and Roslyn? We operate in several cities including Paramus and Edison, NJ to give our patients easy access to cutting-edge Lasik procedures. ReLex SMILE is a minimally invasive procedure that is gentler, according to patients. They also say that the ability to sit in one chair without moving from laser to laser is a huge benefit. 

Help for thin corneas

If you have thin or irregular corneas, you may have been told that you were not suitable for Lasik eye surgery. With new advancements in technology, the ReLex SMILE procedure is giving more people the chance to gain perfect or clearer vision. ReLex SMILE works better because a smaller area is affected by the laser

ReLex SMILE is just one of the advanced options we have at MLC. We offer custom and bladeless Lasik too. You do not have to be a candidate for every procedure to get rid of your glasses and enjoy more freedom. Call us today at 212-759-9617 for a free consultation.