What are the Latest Lasik Technologies Available in New Jersey?

New Jersey has access to some of the most advanced Lasik eye surgery technologies on the market. Manhattan Lasik Center is a revolutionary center that uses highly evolved equipment with the most precise measurements any surgeon can get. Custom procedures are expected at MLC because the equipment lets the Lasik eye surgeon map your eyes to the smallest increments.

Lasik eye surgery with no blades

The IntraLase iFS 150kHz Bladeless laser lets our experienced specialists create a much smaller corneal flap which helps you heal much faster. You see clearer earlier, and complications are even rarer. This laser gives individuals who were previously turned down for Lasik eye surgery the chance to have the surgery after all. Another leading laser is called the ZEISS VisuMax FS 500kHz laser that works much quicker taking Lasik surgery times down to five minutes per eye in most cases.

More precise eye mapping and tracking

Lasik eye surgery New Jersey gives residents access to the NIDEK EC 5000 CX3 which tracks eye movements to thousandths of a second staying ahead of the laser and creating a smooth and seamless Lasik surgery. The ORBSCAN 2 generates a topographical map of the eye in 3D. The Wavefront CustomVUE machine gives our surgeons the ability to tailor Lasik surgery to your exact prescription. They can even give you a custom procedure that corrects the difference between both of your eyes.

Whether you live in Paramus or Edison, you have access to world-renowned Lasik eye surgeons with more than 20 years of experience, highly educated backgrounds, and the most advanced equipment. Our humidity and temperature controlled Lasik surgery rooms enhance proper healing and quick operation times. For more information or a tour of one of our four state-of-the-art facilities, give our friendly staff a call at 212-759-9617.