Lasik Vs Smile

Lasik is a proven procedure that has a high success rate and is offered in many areas. Did you know that there is a new laser vision treatment called the Relex SMILE procedure? This process is much less invasive and offers some definite advantages over Lasik. This procedure is currently for people with nearsightedness and some astigmatism, but scientists are adapting and improving this treatment just like Lasik has evolved over the past two decades.

During Lasik, your eye surgeon creates a hinge or a flap of tissue on the side of the cornea to access the tissue that needs reforming. Patients are quick to heal and find that Lasik provides a high chance of getting perfect or near perfect vision. SMILE does not need a flap. Instead, the surgeon creates a small incision about twenty times smaller to access the tissue. With no flap, there is less chance of complications like in Lasik. SMILE is also helpful for people that already have severe dry eye issues because this procedure does not create problems with dryness. Many patients find that the SMILE procedure reduces or eliminates any glare or halos during night driving that are common with Lasik.

SMILE can help patients that may not have Lasik

People that are told that they cannot have Lasik due to thin corneas are often a candidate for the Relex SMILE procedure. This treatment is helpful for those that have high refractive errors and need a strong prescription. The Relex SMILE procedure helps individuals that want clearer vision but worry about the risks of complication with Lasik.

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