Lasik With Thin Corneas?

Did you look into Lasik surgery a while back to find out that you were not a candidate? Were you confused by the other options because you had only heard of Lasik? We understand how overwhelming the information can be, and we want to simplify it so that you have all the recent information. Lasik is possible with thin corneas now.

Lasik for New Jersey and New York residents

New Yorkers and Jersey folk may not realize that Manhattan Lasik Center has four locations between both states. With 20 years of Lasik experience, we have the referrals and testimonials to back up our quality and customer service ratings. One of our highest compliments is when a patient refers us to a family member.

Lasik surgery with precise measuring equipment

We are the only Lasik surgery center in the entire Northeast region to provide Lasik with the Zeiss Visumax and IntraLase IFS lasers. We have extremely accurate devices like the Orbscan 2 that give us detailed maps of the eyes down to the subtle differences between the two. Our Harvard and Cornell trained surgeons have performed nearly hundreds of Hillsdale, Westwood, and Emerson Lasik surgery corrections.

Does everyone with thin corneas qualify for Lasik now?

While many advances in Lasik eye surgery allow people with thin corneas the ability to have Lasik eye surgery, there are some prescription levels, genetic disorders, and conditions that may react better to another laser correction like the ReLex SMILE or LASEK procedures. Only your Lasik specialist can help you make that decision with the measurements and information about your eyes.

Manhattan Lasik Center is open six days a week. We provide free consultations. If thin corneas stopped you from having Lasik in the past, check us out for a current opinion. Things have advanced fast.