Which Lasik Technology / Surgery is Best for You?

Most of us have heard of Lasik, but how many of you know what types of laser vision corrections are out there for people who cannot have Lasik eye surgery? At Manhattan Lasik Center, we have four primary treatment categories, Lasik, PRK, bladeless Lasik, and Custom Lasik. We explain a few differences below.


• Flap created in the cornea
• Quick healing time
• Improved peripheral vision

Lasik technology for custom applications

Our Wavefront machinery gives the surgeon a detailed map of the eye. The procedure is mapped to the specific parameters of the eye for a specific, more in-depth procedure. The Orbscan equipment provides advanced views of the eye giving extremely accurate results.


• Thin top layer of cornea removed
• Takes a little longer to heal from and may have side effects for a couple of days instead of hours
• Just as effective as traditional Lasik

Bladeless Lasik

This method uses a leading laser or two to perform the procedure so that you do not have to worry about a blade touching your eyes. With more precise incisions, the laser makes Lasik easier to heal from with results often immediate or within a few hours.

Choosing the best option for your situation

You may think you want a particular vision correction procedure, but the only way to know for sure is to get a free consultation. At MLC, we give you a detailed exam free of charge and discuss your options for vision correction. Your specialist will examine your eye measurements and talk about possible treatments for your lifestyle and needs.
For more information about our technologies, please do not hesitate to call 212-759-9617. We are open six days a week. We also have evening appointments and extended hours at one of our four NJ and NY locations.