Lasik Technological Advancement

At Manhattan Lasik Center, we have been helping people get 20/20 vision for decades. Lasik technology has evolved and changed since the 1990’s when it was first performed in the United States. Now, our revolutionary center has become a cutting-edge Lasik technology in an environmentally controlled surgical room.

Lasik technology in the beginning

The first Lasik surgeries required the surgeon to freeze the tissue before using a lathe to operate on the cornea. As Lasik technology evolved, automated blades and finally lasers were created to improve Lasik. In the 1990’s, surgeons moved from stitches to creating a flap that was easy to place back over the eye. This creation revolutionized Lasik surgery forever. Now, we use digital mapping technologies that are precise to thousandths of an inch. Lasers that track eye movement making sure that no sneeze or cough interferes in the procedure are top technologies in Lasik surgery.

MLC uses cutting-edge technologies to provide 20/20 vision

Over the years, our surgeons at MLC have participated in new research, using advanced technologies and procedures, and we have seen the changes. We provide world-renowned Lasik with predictable results. We offer the Zeiss Visumax LASIK, PRK, LASEK, Epi-Lasik, Wavefront Lasik, and now the Relex SMILE procedure. With 20 years of experience, our Harvard trained experts have perfected the procedures they provide. We only use the most advanced lasers on the market. Currently, we have five of them in our office. Our experience lets us guide you through the Lasik process making it as comfortable and easy as we can.

To find out more about the newest Lasik technologies or how MLC can help you get clearer vision, please call us at 212-759-9617. Let us guide you through the process with our trusted techniques. Our inclusive costs make your visits easier with no paperwork and payments too.