Why Lasik is the Most Popular Vision Correction Surgery?

Did you know that more than 7,000 peer related studies have been performed on Lasik since surgeons began treating patients in the early 1990’s? There are more than 4,400 clinical studies performed on Lasik eye surgery, according to the American Refractive Surgery Council. The FDA studied over 9,000 Lasik surgery patients to get their results and the rate of success is more than 98 percent worldwide.

Reasons people have Lasik eye surgery

There are many things that people consider before having Lasik surgery. One of the most popular reasons to have the procedure is to get rid of glasses and contact lenses. Did you know that Lasik eye surgery is almost painless? Most people achieve better vision than they expect from the procedure with thousands having 20/15 and 20/10 vision after one to three months. Recovery is often very quick with most people returning to work after a day or two.

Occupations that Lasik surgery gives clarity to

  • EMT’s and paramedics
  • Athletes
  • Firefighters and police officers
  • Military members
  • Boaters and hikers
  • Pilots and sea captains

Why Lasik eye surgery

Lasik surgery is a minimally invasive procedure with little discomfort. People often heal very quickly and see visual improvement within a day or two. More than 28 million Lasik procedures have been performed worldwide since 1993. The success rate for Lasik is much higher than for other elective operations. Individuals often achieve better vision than they expect from Lasik eye surgery.

Lasik treatments are widely accepted as a preferable elective procedure around the world. Individuals who have the treatment are often satisfied with the results. Experts suggest that anyone who is considering Lasik eye surgery do their homework and perform as much research as they can before making a final decision. Seeing a professional who uses the most advanced equipment is also advised. Manhattan Lasik Center is ready to help you find out if Lasik is right for you.