Lasik Payment Calculator – Calculate Lasik Financing Monthly Payment

Are you constantly making payments for contact lenses? Do you regularly buy designer frames and prescription sunglasses? You can save yourself thousands of dollars over your lifetime with our easy financing plans for Lasik at Manhattan Lasik Center.

Invest your money in yourself

Instead of shelling out cash for disposable contacts every month, why not have Lasik eye surgery and pay a monthly payment giving you freedom from glasses and pesky lenses? For the price you pay for your contacts each refill, you can pay for Lasik eye surgery. You are worth it!

Try our Lasik payment calculator to see what you can expect to pay each month

Our Lasik payment calculator is simple to use. Just add your expected Lasik cost into the calculator, and it will give you a list of approximate payments in monthly increments. This way, you can choose which option fits your budget better.

Financing at Manhattan Lasik Center

At MLC, we want to give everyone access to high-quality vision correction at an affordable price. We have many payment options like using your flexible spending account funds or your HSA to pay for Lasik. Care Credit provides financing for our monthly payment plans. We also run specials and offer discounts to many New Jersey and New York businesses to keep our Lasik treatment accessible for all residents.

Seeing better is a gift that keeps on giving. You get to wake up each morning and see the time before you jump out of bed instead of fumbling for your glasses. Imagine no more waiting for your glasses to acclimate before taking off in your car on a cold, winter morning. At Manhattan Lasik Center, we want to improve eyesight for everyone. Call 212-759-9617 for a free consultation six days a week.