Lasik Or PRK Or Relex SMILE, Which One is Right for You?

Not every person that is a candidate for Lasik can have Relex SMILE. Sometimes, patients with thin corneas can benefit best from a procedure named PRK. How do you know which vision treatment will get you as close to perfect vision as you can get? Only a qualified eye specialist can determine this answer after a thorough eye exam and a chat with you.

Lasik pros

  • Fast recovery time – most patients resume regular activities within 24-48 hours after Lasik
  • Quick procedures – about five to ten minutes per eye
  • Extremely safe with complication rates lower than one percent in many cases
  • Less discomfort following the procedure than PRK
  • Effective for myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism

Lasik cons

  • Numerous options give patients much information to digest
  • Patients often feel irritation for 24 hours or so following correction
  • The flap that accesses the cornea can pose problems or cause infections


Relex SMILE benefits

  • Least invasive treatment
  • Recover time is faster than Lasik
  • Preserves the nerve bed reducing discomfort and irritation
  • Some people can have this treatment when they do not qualify for Lasik
  • Reduces dry eye symptoms – dramatically for some patients

SMILE disadvantages

  • Only for nearsighted corrections and very slight astigmatism
  • Requires highly technical equipment that is only at select U.S. locations


PRK pros

  • Acceptable for patients with thin and/or asymmetrical corneas
  • High success rate
  • Excellent results

PRK cons

  • More discomfort
  • Most invasive
  • Longer healing
  • More time before cleared for driving
  • Longest laser correction of the three


Does our information help you with a decision about the best procedure for you? If you have questions, or you want to go ahead and book your free consultation, then please call MLC at 212-759-9617. We can help you choose the treatment that will give you the best results.