Lasik Myths Debunked – Updated

If you are like most people, you have heard your share of myths about Lasik eye surgery. Our experts at Manhattan Lasik Center want you to know that we will always keep you informed of health changes. We investigate some of the myths we heard in this article.

Myth 1. Lasik surgery is not performed on Lasik eye surgeons

Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today says that to the contrary, a Lasik eye surgery specialist is more than four times as likely as an average person to elect to have Lasik.

Myth 2. Lasik eye surgery has many problems

Lasik surgery is the safest and most widely accepted cosmetic procedure because the rate of complications is below five percent. Depending on the surgeon and the technology he or she uses, this number often drops below two percent.

Myth 3. It is better to use contacts than to get Lasik

Our surgeons say that this has no truth at all. Contacts cause the cornea to conform to their shape changing vision over time and creating the need for more visual help down the road. Many contact lens users suffer frequent eye infections creating the need for extra eye doctor appointments and medications. Lasik is a permanent procedure with lasting results.

Myth 4. People who have Lasik suffer dry eyes and halos for life

While both of these things are a possibility, the truth is that many of these side effects go away within one to three months following Lasik eye surgery.

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