Why Lasik is Low Cost in Some Centers, and is it Worth it?

lasik surgery

Lasik surgery is not a cheap procedure. Because many Lasik providers like the Manhattan Lasik Center use the most advanced lasers on the market, it does cost, but just like you always hear that you get what you pay for, the same often goes for Lasik eye surgery. Buyer beware when you see deeply discounted Lasik procedures.

Experts say to steer clear of cheap Lasik surgery

There are many ways that Lasik centers can lower prices to help out a patient. Sometimes, they give a big discount for referring friends and family or paying for the procedure up front. Often, the cheap price means that you are selecting a surgeon that has little experience performing Lasik surgery. Many discount Lasik centers use older technologies and bladed Lasik procedures to keep their cost low. Using these places is risky because the procedure could have a higher chance of complications or give you less than satisfactory results because the equipment is so old.

Lasik eye surgery is often inclusive

One of the main ways that Lasik centers draw in new patients is by offering a flat rate for their services only to charge for things like medications, postoperative visits, and subsequent surgical procedures. Manhattan Lasik Center always includes your entire package in one convenient price. We offer financing programs through local corporations and commonly used insurance companies. We provide access to monthly payment plans, and we never tack on charges after we quote you a price. We give discounts based on our ability to provide revolutionary care that draws in people from all over the world.

Cheap Lasik surgery is not always the bargain it seems. In some cases, it can cost you more in the long run because of extras. At MLC, we provide quality service with a commitment to giving you access to the latest technologies and procedures. Call us today for a free consultation at 212-759-9617.