Why You Should have Lasik Instead of an Expensive Vacation?

We caught you wondering what it would be like to wake up and see your alarm clock without fumbling for glasses or stumbling to the bathroom to fish out your contacts, did we not? Lasik surgery is something you may not have considered spending your vacation money on, but have you thought about the possibilities and opportunities that clearer vision would afford you? We have, and our experts have some great reasons why you should opt for Lasik surgery and a stay-cay this year. 

Lasik surgery gives you more freedom

Can you imagine how much more fun you would have poolside when you can jump in after your kids and romp in the water immediately? No more hollering for them to hang on so you can find a safe spot where your glasses will not be broken. You can just jump in with Lasik from MLC with experienced surgeons of more than two decades. Save money at home or install the pool, hint, hint!

Lasik is affordable with many financing options at MLC

We understand that everyone has a budget to stick to, so we provide numerous options for you to pay for Lasik. Our inclusive packages are easy to afford with the CareCredit program. We can help you set up FSA and HSA payments. You can even use your tax return. 

Other benefits of Lasik surgery

• Fewer trips to the eye doctor for infections
• Fewer headaches and allergy issues
• Improved night vision
• Corrected peripheral vision
• Perfect or near perfect results
• Quick healing times
• Results in hours

Forget about the cruise you might miss because of the next hurricane. Get rid of hidden rental car fees. Leave the packing in the back of your mind. Stay home, save money; maybe thousands in the long run, and call MLC at 212-759-9617. Instead of giving the family a vacation, give them the gift of excellent eyesight!