Is Lasik Good for Pilots & Astronauts

While many thought that Lasik surgery was something that astronauts and pilots could not use to improve their chances of getting accepted into military schools and space training programs, research changed the minds of NASA and the Navy. Scientists found that many studies over the past decade prove that people who undergo Lasik can still perform their duties as well as people who do not have Lasik eye surgery.

Lasik eye surgery gives people the chance to apply for dream jobs

People who were not candidates for fighter pilot programs, space launches, and other high flying vocations because of his or her eyesight now have the chance to be a candidate for the job they always wanted. Police officers and emergency response teams are having Lasik surgery to improve their visual abilities and minimize dangers on the job.

No ill effects from Lasik surgery and high altitudes

People used to think that flying or going into space would create problems with the corneal flap created during Lasik surgery. Studies have proven that this is simply not true. The best thing is that the treatment lets many new candidates enter the race for the job they want.

Lasik eye surgery takes some time to heal from, but pilots and other extreme occupations only require a person take three months or so off from active duty to recover after treatment. The procedure is quick and painless with hundred of thousands of people having successful procedures each year. The best way to maximize the success of your Lasik surgery is to consult experts like our surgeons at Manhattan Lasik Center where we have people come to us from all over the world to use our revolutionary surgical center.