Our Lasik Financing Options for New Jersey Residents

Is Lasik financing something that has been on your agenda to check out? Maybe you have questions, but you have no starting point. At Manhattan Lasik Center, we want you to know that we make it easy for anyone to have Lasik eye surgery with our convenient payment plans.

Lasik financing New Jersey NJ with FSA and HSA funds

Many of our patients use the money they put into their medical spending accounts to keep from losing the funds at the end of the year. Taking out a little at each pay point is a great way to save for something like Lasik to improve the quality of your life. It helps prevent adding another payment plan to the budget. We also have corporate discounts and plans for our local firms that want to give employees a break.

CareCredit provides convenient Lasik financing

Our affiliation with CareCredit gives our patients access to monthly payments ranging from 24 to 60-month plans. All of our pricing is inclusive meaning that your post-operative appointments, medications, and procedure are all figured into the monthly payment plan to make it easier for you. No down payment or interest when selecting the 24-month payments. This method gives you the chance to enjoy better clarity, improved freedom, and a sense of spontaneity like you never could.

Lasik financing is a much simpler process than you might think. We help thousands of people achieve better sight without breaking the budget and emptying out your bank account. Surprisingly many insurance carriers cover Lasik financing New Jersey NJ. You can always check with your provider. We can even help you investigate if you like. Just give one of our friendly staff members a call at a 212-759-9617. Let us help you with your Lasik financing.