Lasik Eye Surgery for Sportsmen!

You are looking through the scope. You have an eight-point buck in the crosshairs. All you have to do is take a deep breath. You blink to clear your vision, and your contact shifts making your eye tear up and become blurry. By the time you blink enough to get it back in place, the deer is gone and so is your shot. Has this happened to you? Maybe your glasses fogged up when trying to spot a rabbit from a hundred yards away. Whatever the reason, you missed your shot, and you may not get another one.

Outdoors is a rough environment for contacts and glasses

Pollen and bacteria stick to eyeglass frames. Without regular cleaning, these contaminants make their way to your eye making it much easier for you to suffer from allergies or contract a severe eye infection. With few places to clean your visual aids in the outdoors, you take the chance of costing yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars in extra appointments, medications, and replacement glasses if you break yours.

Manhattan Lasik Center provides quality Lasik eye surgery sports enthusiasts count on to get them back in the game

With our advanced technologies, we can offer you some of the fastest healing times and lowest chances of complications. Our ground-breaking centers can help you forget about all the issues you have with glasses and contact lenses. We can provide you with the best chance of perfect vision so that you can always take down the prey. No more foggy lenses, irritating contacts, and missed opportunities.

Call MLC at 212-759-9617. We can help you achieve perfect vision so that you always bring home the prize. Having Lasik surgery now can get you ready for hunting season long before the first arrow or bullet flies.