Lasik Eye Surgery Recovery – Things to know

Before having a procedure like Lasik eye surgery, you want to know what to expect. Knowing Lasik recovery information is a vital part of the process to understanding how the procedure works and what you will go through during the healing process.

Lasik eye recovery norms

It is common to have itchy, burning, or dry eyes immediately after your Lasik procedure. This is part of the healing, and these sensations are normal. Your vision will improve very quickly because Lasik is such a minimally-invasive procedure. Changes in eyesight are a typical part of the Lasik surgery recovery process, too.

Lasik eye surgery recovery guidelines during the first month

Immediately following surgery, you will sit in the office for a bit while the surgeon monitors your eyes. Once cleared to go home, you will be asked to nap and rest your eyes for the next day or two. You may notice that your vision is much clearer after 24-hours. You can go back to work within a day or two if you work in an office setting or low-dust environment. Those who work in strenuous jobs with a lot of dust will need to take a week off. You will have several follow-up appointments and eye drops to use throughout the first month of Lasik surgery recovery. After three to four weeks, your surgeon will likely clear you to participate in light to moderate exercise and things like swimming and using the sauna.

Lasik surgery recovery

Your Lasik healing time will take three to six months, but there is no reason that you should have many changes or questions at this point. By now, your Lasik eye surgery recovery process should be winding down. You should be under little or no restrictions after three months.

Lasik recovery is a monitoring process, but minimally invasive technologies and procedures ensure that you heal quickly. You will get back to your everyday activities within a few days to weeks after your procedure. Your Lasik surgeon can help answer any questions during follow-up visits or with a quick call.