Is Lasik Safe During Pregnancy?

Lasik eye surgery is not recommended for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. The Mayo Clinic says that vision is unstable during pregnancy because of changing hormones. This instability means that the vision of a pregnant mother is not safe enough to undergo Lasik surgery at that time.

Lasik surgery requires a stable prescription

Women who opt for Lasik eye surgery need to have consistent eyesight before having the treatment. Pregnancy hormones change vision much like they change moods. These changes can affect vision after the baby is born.

Lasik eye surgery medications can affect the fetus

American Family Physicians says that lactating and pregnant mothers can experience tears in the cornea much easier than non-pregnant people. These women can also suffer increasing nearsightedness after their procedure if their vision is not stable prior to Lasik eye surgery. One of the biggest complications of having Lasik surgery during pregnancy is the effect that medicated eye drops can have on the unborn child. AFP says that pregnant women have a higher chance of haziness after Lasik surgery too.

As a mother, you want to be sure to give you and your child the best chance of a healthy future. One of the recommended ways to do this is to delay having Lasik eye surgery until your optical prescription is stable. Our experts at Manhattan Lasik Center are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Lasik eye surgery.