Lasik Eye Surgery for a Diabetic Person

If you have diabetes, then you may have been previously advised not to have Lasik eye surgery. The good news is that with recent technological advancement and bladeless laser technologies, we are seeing many patients with diabetes that are now candidates for the procedure.

Lasik eye surgery for diabetics

While not every person with diabetes is a shoo-in for Lasik surgery, some things make it okay for sufferers to get Lasik surgery. People who have stable prescriptions and no diabetic retinopathy can be excellent candidates for Lasik. Your Lasik eye surgery specialist can help you find out if you have any damage to your retina with a dilated eye exam. Any problems can often be cleared up ahead of Lasik if you are given the go ahead.

Lasik surgery tips for diabetic suffferers after the treatment

Most surgeons will give people with diabetes the same advice after Lasik eye surgery as someone without the disease with a few additional guidelines. Diabetics should check their sugar numbers often to keep levels at the right number for healing. Drink plenty of water and consume lots of fresh foods. Sleep at least eight hours a night, and rest the eyes very often to promote moisturizing after Lasik surgery. Use your eye drops as directed, they promote faster healing. Your Lasik surgery specialist may ask you to come in for extra appointments just to keep a close eye on your recovery. It is important that you attend all scheduled visits even if you feel like everything is just fine.

Lasik surgery is possible for people who have diabetes. At one time the machinery and surgical expertise were not up to treating these patients, but times have changed significantly. Call us today for a free consultation to see if you qualify for Lasik eye surgery for diabetics at 212-759-9617.