Lasik Eye Surgery for Bikers!

Do you have to wear contact lenses to ride your motorcycle? Do you wish you could just hop on and head out of town without cleaning your contacts and making sure they sit just right before leaving? With Lasik eye surgery, you can!

Lasik eye surgery heals quickly

Individuals who have Lasik eye surgery often see results as soon as the first 24 to 48 hours following their procedure. Although you cannot go swimming, participate in extreme sports, or enjoy a hot tub for a few weeks, the benefits outweigh the temporary disadvantages. Most people return to work within a couple of days unless they work in a very dusty environment. Imagine waking up to see the sun shining and being spontaneous by deciding to go for a ride along the beach. Visit a friend in a nearby town without worrying about the need to pack lens cleaner and contact cases. With Lasik eye surgery, you can do all of these things and so much more!

Benefits of Lasik surgery

• Fewer allergy symptoms
• Headaches less often
• Improved night vision
• Less glare from bright lights
• Increased freedom
• Lower cost over time
• Fewer eye infections
• No more extra appointments, replacement glasses, and additional expenses

Are you ready to hit the road and be free?

Manhattan Lasik Center is poised to help you get the feeling of freedom you want. Our experienced Lasik surgeons have more than two decades of experience. Now you can be as free and fun as you want because you will never have to worry about shifting contact lenses, irritated eyes, dust trapped in your contacts, and stopping for a break so you can see to drive to your destination. Call us today at 212-759-9617 to see how we can help you feel completely at ease when riding.