Lasik After Care – Water Exposure, Showering & Bathing

After Lasik eye surgery, patients have to follow some vital instructions to ensure proper healing. Immediately after your treatment, your driver will give you a ride home so that you can take a nap and rest as much as possible for the following 24 hours. We discuss the instructions for bathing and water sports below.

Bathing after your Lasik eye procedure

The first time you take a shower or bath after your Lasik surgery, you will want to take great care not to get anything in the eyes including water. If possible, letting someone else wash your hair while you hold a towel against your eyes is a good idea. If you need to bathe alone, then do your best to minimize splashing so that you do not get soap or shampoo in your eyes. The chemicals can interfere with proper healing.

Swimming and hot tub use after Lasik

Whether you are an avid swimmer, a social Jacuzzi lover, or participate in regular exercise at the local pool, you will need to avoid these activities for at least two weeks following your Lasik treatment. Our surgeons can give you an exact timeline when you come for a free consultation. The final decision often comes after a post-operative check or two. Only your Lasik surgeon can be sure when you can resume water activities after a thorough checkup.

Researching Lasik surgery aftercare is one part of preparing for your procedure. At Manhattan Lasik Center, we want you to have all the answers to your questions before your Lasik surgery. We will answer any concerns in depth to ensure that you are completely aware of the follow-up care and what Lasik surgery entails. For more information about water restrictions, Lasik aftercare, or how we can help you achieve 20/20 vision, give our friendly staff members a call today at 212-759-9617. We are open Monday through Saturday.