LASIK Called Safest, Most Successful Elective Procedure in the World

New research shows that Lasik is safer than ever. Nearly 98 percent of patients were happy with the results of the treatment in the study. Does that mean you will have perfect vision if you have the Lasik procedure?

Nine out of ten patients have 20/20 vision after Lasik

While the worst refractive errors are the hardest to correct, only a specialist can determine whether Lasik can give you the results you want. A bladeless, Zeiss Visumax Lasik procedure offers you the best chance of perfect vision because the physician can create thinner flaps.

The goal is 100 percent satisfaction for each Lasik procedure

Doctors and researchers are honing in on ways to improve Lasik even more. The objective is to find a way to give every patient perfect vision regardless of the refractive error he or she has before the treatment. Lasik improvements over the last two decades are giving people access to better sight.

High-tech equipment provides highly accurate results

Advancements in technologies like the Zeiss VisuMax FS 500 and the Nidek EC 5000 CX3 lasers allow Lasik experts to provide exact results. At Manhattan Lasik Center, we can give you a guarantee of the results with our bladeless Lasik procedure. Since many patients experience better vision in as little as 24 hours, you may see better the day after your treatment.

At MLC, we want you to love your Lasik results. Clearer vision is something we believe everyone should have the chance to obtain. We offer health account payments, financing through CareCredit, and discounts for local businesses to provide quality medical treatment at an affordable price. We only use advanced laser technologies to give you the most accurate results. Head over to our resource page for more information.