Lasik Alternative Approved by the FDA

There is now a Lasik alternative for patients that may not be candidates for the typical repair. Patients may qualify for the Relex SMILE procedure that uses a much smaller access point to get the same results as traditional Lasik. This Lasik surgery alternative is only available to patients with nearsightedness in America because of how new it is.

A Lasik alternative giving more people access to improved vision

Relex SMILE is a Lasik alternative that can help thousands of patients who were denied access to Lasik surgery because of thin corneas or irregular pupils. These patients can now get similar results as people who qualify for Lasik. The access point in the Relex SMILE treatment is much smaller than the incision made in Lasik. Patients often heal faster, and with no chance of flap complications, there are fewer complaints.

Relex SMILE is a new Lasik surgery alternative

Since the procedure is much newer than Lasik, Relex SMILE is only available for patients that have nearsightedness in the United States. There are other options for people with astigmatism outside of the country. New procedures are in the works for people who have farsighted vision. The FDA is looking at advancements to see if any qualify for use in the United States in the future. One helpful advantage of the Relex SMILE treatment is that there are less dry eye symptoms post operatively.

Find out if you qualify for the Lasik surgery alternative called the Relex SMILE procedure. People with nearsightedness that were not candidates for Lasik eye surgery before may now qualify for the Lasik alternative giving more people access to clearer vision and a better lifestyle. For a free exam for Relex SMILE, call Manhattan Lasik Center at 212-759-9617 six days a week to schedule a consultation.