Is the SMILE Procedure Painful?

Anticipation is often a problem for many of us, especially when it comes to medical appointments and treatments. Do you get nervous before a trip to any physician’s office? Is outpatient testing a source of stress for you? At Manhattan Lasik Center, we understand how difficult it is for some people to seek medical assistance. Many patients fear laser vision correction until finding out that the surgeon puts numbing drops in the eye before the treatment.

What do you feel during the Relex SMILE procedure?

There is no pain with the Relex SMILE procedure or any laser treatment at Manhattan Lasik Center. Our specialized surgeons put numbing drops in the eye and give the medication time to work before anything happens. We get you comfortable and use a cool, laser technology to remove two to four-millimeter lenticules from the cornea to access tissue under the surface where we make corrections. The laser part takes maybe ten or fifteen minutes for both eyes.

Why should you choose MLC for your Relex SMILE experience?

  • Decades of helping patients choose the right vision treatment
  • International reach with clients from all over the globe seeking Lasik and Relex SMILE
  • Only company to have the top five lasers in one surgical center
  • Revolutionary surgery rooms
  • Unparalleled service
  • Harvard and Cornell training and surgeons that give back by teaching at these schools
  • Participation in cutting-edge research and technologies
  • Fast healing times
  • Consultations Monday through Saturday
  • Four convenient office locations

The Relex SMILE procedure is nothing to fear. Hundreds of patients leave reviews on Google about MLC, and you can always read testimonials on our site. To schedule a free consultation or to make an appointment to see if you are a candidate, call us at 212-759-9617.