Is the Relex SMILE Procedure Safe?

You may or may not know that the Relex SMILE procedure is the most recent laser vision correction option on the market. The National Institute of Health names this innovative process “a paradigm shift” in eyesight improvement because it is that much less invasive than other ophthalmic treatments.

Relex SMILE uses a smaller access point than Lasik

Since the lenticule used to adjust the height of the cornea is only four millimeters in size in Relex SMILE, there is less damage to optical nerves allowing the eye to heal much faster. This procedure works well for patients with myopia or nearsighted vision. With Lasik, the flap is about 20 millimeters in size.

Additional benefits of our innovative treatment

  • Patients with dry eye problems find that this procedure offers a better recovery versus Lasik
  • People turned down for Lasik or other laser correction might be candidates for Relex SMILE
  • Stronger cornea strength after surgery
  • Less discomfort following the treatment
  • One of the most minimally invasive procedures available
  • MLC is one of only a few centers in the country offering the Relex SMILE procedure

Manhattan Lasik Center is the region’s leader offering the Relex SMILE procedure

Many people that cannot have Lasik can have the Relex SMILE correction. MLC provides has five of the most cutting-edge lasers on the market on our campus. We can map the eye with 3-D contouring allowing us to tell you what prescription you will have when your treatment is complete. Our decades of surgical training help us make your experience as painless and stress-free as we can. Our highly capable physicians have trained at places like Cornell. We are proud to be New Jersey’s top laser vision correction center.

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