Is SMILE Better than Lasik?

Lasik surgery has come a long way in the past 20 years. The procedure is much safer and effective now. The newest advancement in laser vision correction is the Relex SMILE treatment. Both methods use similar lasers and take the same time to perform, but many differences make SMILE a better solution for some people.

SMILE vs Lasik

When you look at the results of SMILE vs Lasik, you will see that success rates and perfect vision average in the ninety percent range for both. Lasik uses a flap to access the inner layers of the cornea where the SMILE procedure removes two to four-millimeter discs or lenticules from the surface to get to the right area. In SMILE, there is no flap that can shift or get an infection eliminating these complications. Most patients go to work and can drive the day after SMILE. Lasik patients can typically return to these activities in the same time frame unless flap complications or dry eyes are an issue.

Is SMILE better than Lasik?

For many people SMILE is the obvious choice because they have corneas that are not thick enough for Lasik or an optical prescription that is too high. For others, the decision happens when realizing that the procedure is just as accurate and faster healing than Lasik. Because SMILE is a less invasive procedure than Lasik, many people can get back to rigorous exercise and swimming weeks or months faster. SMILE patients can heal in just a few days or weeks. Lasik requires three to six months to recover fully.

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